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PeBbLeS    FLiNtStOnE   

Hi there!
This is just another one of those pages, where I'm supposed
to say stuff about myself, so that people can read about it and
stuff... So here it is.... Hope it doesn't bore yah two much!

~*Nick naMeS*~(past n' present):~*PeBbLeS~*, ~!*Ck_grrl*!~, ~!*CuDdLeS*!~, Juliet^,
Elmo`, Eeevers, Gothic (Goth gurl), Raver Chica/rocker gurl, phreak,
drunk, cracked .... etc
~!*SeX*!~: i'm a GurL (dat is in case u haven't noticed!!)
~!*EYeS*!~: LiGhT BroWn EyEs
~!*HaIr*!~: Around shoulder length or shorter, light brown
~!*OccUpAtIoN*!~: Highskool student, Gr. 12
~!*FaV. colOuR*!~: All kinds.. like Dark colours i.e: forest green, blue, black silver, pastel colours =)
~!*IcQ numba*!~: 2281348
~!*AoL AiM*!~: Ask me for this one =)

**this is all the updating i will be doing for now.. so check back laters! =) Last updated on: 2/1/00

Well i guess thats about it.. if i come up with something i'll be sure ta add to it later... See yea all around! Done, žaid, and Gone.....

Theme song from the movie "Casper."

# ppl who have come here are...: times.